The New York Post is not exactly the go-to paper for thoughtful, relevant, news. However, how could anyone ignore the article that ran on Saturday (May 26th) about the killing of the most ENORMOUS pig ever?!?

(Even CNN got in on the action today. Scooped by the Post, CNN! Scooped!)

Anyways, let me tell you some mind-blowing facts about this pig (being called “Monster Pig” though I prefer the previous record-holder’s title of HOGZILLA)

Hogzilla, a (not kidding) 1,051 pound wild pig met his maker by the hand of an 11 year old boy’s Smith & Wesson following a three hour chase through the mysterious and apparently monster-filled woods of Alabama. Hogzilla’s measurements are said to be 9 foot 4 inches tail to snout. So basically like an SUV made of Bacon. They came upon it during a hunting trip (like you do) and instead of running (like regular people would) away from the HUGE MONSTER they pursued it and killed it.

The Post speculates Hogzilla will yield 700 pounds of sausage, or enough to feed most people in Alabama breakfast.

Granted, I’m not I would feast upon anything from the carcass of A MUTANT PIG.

I hope he will be studied. How in God’s name did a pig get so huge? It’s like something out of LOST.