Is it possible to know that you’ve already met the person you’re supposed to end up with?

Even if, perhaps, you’ve never actually spoken?

I think so. A few months ago, and then recently, I had the pleasure of being in the presence of a guy in whom I see not only wonderful things, but the best parts of myself.  I just get that feeling. We’ve never been introduced (he’s kind of a busy man, I’m not just going to rush up to him), but every time I see him, (at the risk of sounding a little too “Dear Diary”) I feel like we’re supposed to know each other.

“How will I know?” asked Whitney Houston

“Trust Your Feelings!” sang her backup vocalists.

That sounds pretty good to me. I think the answers to all of life’s little inquiries can be answered through the earphones of your ipod, it just depends on what track you follow. I’ve been going with:

“If it’s a question of timing, I’ll wait” said Ghosts.

or “I’m not the kind of girl who gives up just like thaaaaaat. Oh Nooo.” echoed Blondie.

Maybe I read too many women’s magazines. And listen to too much music.