I have wanted a pair of Ray-Bans forever. Well, at least since I learned how cool sunglasses can make you appear. The style I have been coveting is that of the Wayfarer, a pretty 80’s style (think Risky Business) that looks slick and covers a good portion of the face.

I seriously considered buying them while I was on vacation. Good sunglasses are an essential! But I just could not bring myself to shell out the $129 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?) that even outlet sunglasses stores were demanding. I’m guessing they cost maybe $5, 35 cents to make. That’s a gazillion percent profit, you fuckers!

So I defied Ray-Ban, and held off.

Until I was strolling around St. Mark’s Place (I love you, Lower East Side) and found a PERFECT knock-off pair of Wayfarers in a little shanty shack, $7.oo. While $7 is still too much for plastic sunglasses, it’s much better than $129, so I bought them.

They look awesome! I can’t decide who I resemble more when I wear them:

or perhaps

But honestly, whichever way you look at it, I’m looking GOOD.