Whilst pouring over an immensely intelligent and dignified web article entitled “Eva Longoria is a lawn gnome” an email popped up on my work screen, saying there was an opening for:

Disaster Recovery Ops Specialist (Reston)


When did my life become an episode of 24? And if my life is suddenly an episode of 24, why hasn’t Jack Bauer come and kicked the crap out of several annoying and weak peoples in the building?

Apparently the Disaster Recovery Ops Specialist will be called upon to fix computers when they’re down….ooooh, I see. It’s a fancy name for IT guy. I guess HR hasn’t gotten the recruitment numbers it really needs, so by making up fancy superhero-esque names for jobs that make you want to put your thumbs into your eyesockets, they hope to bring in a new wave of bad-ass techno-wizards!

Good luck with that one, HR team!

PS. For those of you not familiar with Reston (where the Disaster Recovery Ops Specialist will keep his home base) it is in Virginia and is very boring.