Ok, this might be a bit OUT THERE but what if…

Instead of building another strip mall out in the middle of nowhere, that will never be visited, and will just be kind of like a creepy ghost-town, let’s instead build…a big jail for celebrities!

It won’t be like a supermax prison, but it will be a jail (maybe like the one from Chicagothat Queen Latifah runs, with fun song and dance routines! No? Yeah, you’re right. That’s a bad idea). And the fact that it will be in the middle of nowhere (suggestions anyone? I like Nebraska, or maybe the deserts of California) will take away any spotlights they hope get shed on their pathetic cases.

Scooter Libby can go there now, to serve out his paltry 2 1/2 years for perjury and obstruction of justice (WHY ISN’T HE SERVING MUCH MORE?) in the whole Valerie Plame affair. Scooter Libby sucks.

All those drunken, coked up celebrity crazies (whom MSN gloriouslyreferred to as the “Troika of Tragedy” and “Three Bimbos of the Apocalypse”) who should be taken off the roads before they kill someone other than themselves. They can go there too. A little time locked up in the middle of nowhere would do them some serious good I think!

Granted, while these examples and other offenders deserve much worse, my magical jail in the middle of Nebraska would at least get them out of the limelight! OH it would be so great if Scooter Libby had to room with Lindsay Lohan!! That would be the best punishment for both of them.