over the weekend, i was overcome with the urge to go a little crazy with my hair. i thought maybe it would subside but it just grew stronger.

i thought to myself “what the hell?” and bought some dye, and am now rocking some cool hot pink streaks through my hair. i think it looks pretty great, actually.

uhm….am i 15 years old again?

against whom am i rebelling here?

the answers to those questions are no and nobody. i just felt like it. honestly, it’s much more satisfying to decide to do something like this at my age (24) exactly for that reason, because i’m not trying to impress my peers or piss off my elders. i just did it because i wanted to. and i can dye it out again before i start auditioning again next month. or i can keep it and see what happens. who knows?!?

at least i’m not “ashley madison” who is apparently the 20 year old girlfriend of 60 year old actor james woods (yes, that guy). nothing like dating a man who is not just 40 years your senior, nay he is THREE TIMES your age. that’s the ultimate “fuck you” to daddy.

i’ll stick with the hot pink streaks.