From BBC News: Channel 4 will broadcast photographs of the crash that killed Princess Diana, despite objections from her sons. Channel 4 said it will run the images in Wednesday’s programme after considering the princes’ concerns against wider public interest.

Now I’m not one of those people who went batshit crazy when Diana died. I mean, I was sad, two kids left without a mother is cause for sadness, but this sort of thing unfortuneately happens every day in the world. I’m just disgusted/shocked/horrified that a MAJOR network in the UK thinks it’s in the “wider public interest” to broadcast footage of a woman dying of massive injuries sustained in a horrific car accident?

How in God’s name is that something people want to see, other than for the crass shock value? What if it was your mother dying on camera? Would you really want that played out for the viewing pleasure of millions of strangers? I sure wouldn’t.

Channel 4, you’re so clearly in this for the ratings and media exposure, but I can honestly say that going against the expressed wishes of William and Harry (especially in a matter that is so personal) is the stupidest fucking thing I can imagine. Because some day relatively soon, one of these boys (William) is going to be the King, and I can’t really imagine him EVER wanting to grant any interviews or press to the network that dicked over the memory of his mother. Can you?

That’s my advice to you, Channel 4. Save a little dignity now, and a lot of hassle later. Don’t show it.