I love to read (slowly). Which is why I spend a good portion of my day at work cracking open the internet and shoveling its glorious contents into my brain, where they won’t stay long, but while they’re in, I can share my knowledge with the world!

1. http://encarta.msn.com/encnet/departments/education_1/?page=quiz81&Quizid=81

Ok, this one isn’t really an article…it’s a quiz!! Yay! I just discovered these Encarta quizzes based on knowledge taken from the encyclopedia and they’re so much fun to do. Some of them are easy (Finish the famous quotation) and some are not (World Geography). These quizzes are a fantastic way for bored temps (who? me?) to not stick their thumbs into their eye sockets in hopes of a painful death. Also, these quizzes are actually INTELLIGENT unlike those other ones that ask “Which character from Friends are you?” or “What is your kissing style?” and make you feel like an idiot for even thinking of answering them (Apparently I’m Chandler and an excellent kisser. WHAT?)

The super amazing fact I learned from this quiz is that the word cliche comes from the sound made by a printing plate! AMAZING. And when you think about it, it completely makes sense. I dazzled Julie with this fact last night and she is not easily dazzled. Julie is super smart. You know when you dazzle the super smart, you can pat yourself on the back.

2. http://tech.msn.com/products/slideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=4864891

This article is a pictoral history of the mobile phone! I won’t give it all away (really, the pictures do say a thousand words) but when you think of the phone technology we have today, doesn’t it boggle your mind to know that the Saved By The Bell phone that Zach Morris wielded, that brick with an antenna, was over a foot long and weighed about 2 pounds!! It had one hour of talk time, and you could store a whopping 30 phone numbers in it. WOW.

3. (The following may be the best news story I have ever read, EVER.)


The “story highlights” really say it all.

• Michigan man’s wheelchair becomes lodged in the grille of a semitrailer
• The 21-year-old is unharmed but is taken to the hospital as a precaution
• Truck driver unaware of what had happened until officers stopped him

Just read it. It’s awesome. It makes me want to do it too. That’s some good news!

Not Kidding!