Thanks to Julie and her boyfriend Jonathan, I’m watching “So You Think You Can Dance?” which is basically “American Idol” for dancers, except unlike “Idol” these people have to actually be absurdly talented to move forward.

As I watched the judges narrow their selections  down to the best 20 (10 boys and 10 girls) I was a little sad that they were leaving out some of the people with the best “human interest” stories. For example, they cut the girl who survived the horrific collapse of a deck and lived to dance (really really well) again. They cut the adorable gay guy whose father wants him to man-up and play football, but all he wants to do is dance dance dance! And most disheartening, they cut the girl who lost her arm in an accident (apparently which was her own fault, but still, girl ain’t got no arm!). They should have totally kept her in! She’d be like the Heather Mills…of arms! Fan favorite!

Can I also just explain how much I love host Cat Deeley? She is absolutely awesome, she actually looks really happy to be there (unlike other show hosts….SEACREST) and is very cute and bubbly. But I feel a closer, more personal connection to Cat (may I call you Cat?) because I saw her in the UK back when she hosted FAME ACADEMY with that guy Pat (Cat and Pat? Whose idea was that? I can’t stop rhyming, rat-a-tat-tat). So yeah, keep on rocking out Cat Deeley. America thinks you’re the cat’s pajamas.

However, unlike awesome Cat, the SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy leaves a lot to be desired.

I think it was something about her maniacal laughter last night as she pretended to kick contestants off the show, only to gleefully announce to them (once they were already shamefully sobbing their eyes out) that she was just JOKING and they had MADE IT! One girl actually contorted her face in horror, as if to say “Why, Mary, why would you do that to me?” after Crazy Mary cackled that she was JUST KIDDING!!

My father has a saying for women who look like Mary: “Rode Hard and Put Away Wet”