After our Tony Awards geek-fest, Libby was keen on seeing if she could catch Spring Awakening while she’s in town. She was kind enough to treat me to a ticket (Thanks!) and I got to see the musical a 2nd time. The only other musicals I have EVER seen twice are Phantom of the Opera and Assassins. So this is a pretty big deal.

And do you know what? It was even better the 2nd time.

All the things that I liked the first time were even cooler (the song “The Mirror-Blue Night” seriously gives me chills, and “Totally Fucked” makes me wanna riot), and those few things that I wasn’t crazy about suddenly really clicked (maybe because I was seated closer and could actually see and hear more clearly). We left feeling really excited and invigorated and happy.

The best part is, the young cast, who I was worried would get crazy because of all the fame and attention, seem as chill and dedicated to the work as ever. If you pass through NYC, I would really recommend this show. I spent most of the night being mesmerized by John Gallagher Jr. who is one of the most incredible and charismatic performers I’ve ever seen! His big number “I Don’t Do Sadness” is so astonishingly awesome that it makes your brain explode out the back of your head. A rockin’ good time all around.