My friend used them to get tickets to see The Lion King. We thought all was well until she tried to open the email attachment (am I the only person who HATES e-tickets? Just hold them for me at the goddamn box office. That’s what box offices are for.) She forwarded it to me at work. I couldn’t open it. During my lunch hour we went to an internet cafe and tried on another server. No good!! (Meanwhile, time is ticking away to the curtain and the theatre box office wouldn’t honor VipBroadway.com’s email confirming that she had ordered a ticket). When she ordered the tickets yesterday, she was told they would be emailed to her by day’s end. This morning, they were not in her inbox, so she had to call them and ASK for them to please do their job. Idiots! And then when we couldn’t open the long-delayed attachment, they gave her all this runaround about something being wrong with her computer (after we had tried to open the file on 3 separate machines) rather than the file being corrupted.

Case in point, they’re a bunch of bastards. Go to ticketmaster.com if you need some tickets. Those guys are the real deal.