In about an hour and a half I’m due to go to lunch with most of the people from my work division. They’re being very kind and have organized a little excursion to a nice restaurant/pub around the corner, as tomorrow is my last day of temping at this particular company.

I’m really scared about this lunch. REALLY SCARED.

Because I don’t know them that well. I work for them. I work on an entirely different floor! The only “conversation” we’ve ever had has been the giving and accepting of assignments! Shit! I mean, don’t get me wrong, they seem like great people, we just don’t ever talk about non-work stuff. So I’m prepping a wide-ranging list of possible conversation topics that will help me get through what may be one of the longest and most uncomfortable hours of my life.

*The upcoming Transformers movie.

*Construction delays on the C train.

*War in Iraq

*So You Think You Can Dance?

*How much I hate Anger-Management Mike on my floor.

*Whatever happened to Skip-It?

I’m thinking that I’ve covered pretty much all the bases here. Politics, cinema, popular culture, and trash-talking about fellow co-workers who may/may not be their friends.

I’m so scared.