Just got back from the lunch with my division and like most things that I am scared of, there was nothing to be scared of at all! In fact we had A GREAT TIME! I hung out with my bosses and we chatted about our real lives, our families, my uncanny cut-and-paste skills, Phil Collins, and Tiger Woods. Then we ate (everyone had a salad but me…whatever. I’m just carbo-loading for the concert tonight!) and just chilled. OH! And they gave me a certificate to Borders! How nice is that? They said I’d been such a good and helpful worker (true) and that they would miss me and wished me best of luck in grad school. I am so utterly charmed and delighted. I will miss them as well. This was really the best temp gig I have ever (and probably ever will) have.

The moral of the story is: 9 times out of 10 there is no reason to be afraid, and you’ll actually really enjoy yourself. That last time, well, a giant monster usually tears you in two, but that’s only like a %10 chance.