Ok, let me make a preamble here. The loss of human life is not funny. (Except for The Darwin Awards. Yikes.)

Anyway, this morning on CNN.com there was story (and accompanying video) about a group of Texas teenagers who were killed when the jeep they were in got hit by a train. That is horrible, right? I’m not disagreeing with that. But what really made me kind of sick was that the reporter then revealed that the kids inside were aged 13 to 15 and that they were speeding and HAD STOLEN THE JEEP IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

During the interview the father of one of the girls who died was calling for heads to roll because his child was dead. While I can’t begin to understand the devastation a parent who outlives their child must feel, at the same time his daughter was 13, and speeding around after dark with her underage friends in a stolen automobile. I’m going to say that the deceased are pretty much the only ones to blame here.