I haven’t really been paying much attention to my Netflix queue recently. So imagine my surprise when all three movies (I’m on the three-at-a-time plan) that arrive in the postbox are about COMMUNISTS!!

1. Cambridge Spies  – About hot (ok they probably weren’t hot in real life, but the actors were hot) young Cambridge grads who were spies for the Soviet Union during WWII. Really really good.

2. and 3. Reds – Warren Beatty’s magnum opus about….Communists….and hooking up with Diane Keaton (whatever floats your boat, yo) Haven’t watched it yet. But I kind of don’t want to anymore. I’m Communisted out.

Oh shit. I just logged on to Netflix to check and see what is supposed to come next…and it’s Annie Hall!! Now they’re going to think I’m a Communist with a crush on Diane Keaton! (neither of which is true.)

Stop judging me Netflix. You stop it.