Did I ever explain how I go to so many different gyms? The NYC Fitness Alliance offers this neat little thing called “The Passbook” where for $70 (less than one month membership at most gyms here) you get over 300 passes to gyms all through New York!! It’s really the coolest deal ever. So I go to all these gyms, ritzy and ghetto, and see the different people there.

This week I’m at a nice Upper West Side gym, which is populated with INSANELY strong senior citizens. It’s kind of absurd. I’m going to machines that women old enough to be my grandmother were just on, and I have to lighten the weight load, because for some freakish reason, she is A LOT stronger than I am (and I’m pretty strong).

So I’ve either found the gym where superheroes go after they retire, or I’ve stumbled into some kind of top secret government experiment, and these old people are going to be trained, then parachuted into Iraq and sent to win the war. Either way, the new lesson is maybe if you must cross an old person, get ready to run away, because chances they can kill you with their bare hands are actually pretty good.