Last night I saw Transformers for the 2nd time. It is seriously amazing. If you haven’t gone, what the heck are you reading this blog for?! Get thee to a multiplex!! Although as one reviewer said “In terms of Michael Bay films, it has better acting than Armaggeddon and is more historically accurate than Pearl Harbor” (which is not saying much) it has plenty of humor (Optimus Prime has a way with quips) and romance and of course BLOWING SHIT UP and it’s incredible. As a heterosexual female, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Girls. Go. Take your boyfriends. Or don’t. It’s still great. My favorite is Bumblebee. It’s really just a love story between man and machine.

As we left the movie, we walked through the East Village, where we stumbled across the set for the new Katherine Heigl movie, 27 Dresses, some kind of charming, formulaic, wedding-themed romantic comedy. (I love Katherine Heigl, whatevs.) But we SAW her and James Marsden (they ran by us, she hopped into her trailer, and he stuck around outside). Now, for those of you saying “Who?” James Marsden is Cyclops in the X-Men movies, people!! Which is why I screamed “Cyclops!!” and he turned and smiled. He’s super cute. And short. But cute. Let’s focus on the cuteness.