The past week has been kind of rough, with the whole rigamarole (that’s right) tangling with the consulate over clearing my UK Visa. The system was clearly invented by a deranged spider monkey. So that has left me in a constant bad mood, as well as stressed and anxious.

Thank goodness Big-Boned Latina Wolverine came along. She really made my week.

Yesterday I got caught in a huge rain storm. I was soaked and got on the bus dripping and cold and cranky. In behind me scoots a near 300 pound Latina lady. Not a big deal. I sit down and sort of lose myself in my own stupid thoughts when I hear her boast to her friend:

“Everyone in my family has it. It’s like, amazing. Our skin regenerates whenever we get hurt. Like, if I get a cut, it’ll be gone in a few days.”

All my bad feelings vanished as a huge grin spread across my face. I almost turned around to thank her. Because her absurd statement, painting herself as some kind of modern-day superhero with regenerative powers (WOLVERINE) was so loony, but said with such sincerity. I didn’t have to heart to tell her that EVERYONE on the goddamn bus can regrow new skin in a while. That’s why when I fell down on the sidewalk a few days ago I didn’t bleed to death.