Imagine everything good and fun and awesome in the world. Now imagine it tweaked out on speedballs, set on fire, and placed in the ginormous San Diego convention center. And there you have Comic Con 2007. My brother wisely compared it to “walking into a sugar high.” There are thousands upon thousands of people, some in incredibly elaborate costumes (others looked like maybe they had been sewn together by mothers with no patience) all excited to be there.

There are booths and exhibits and displays all over the convention floor. Transformer, GI Joe, He-Man, Spiderman, Superman, Heroes, Iron Man (eeek) you name it, it’s there. Toys, art, books, movie memorabilia. It’s so amazing. It really just turns your brains to scrambled eggs. Or scrapple.

The one part that really through me for a loop (besides seeing Pee Wee Herman and David Arquette standing side by side) was seeing a real one-legged woman dressed up as Rose McGowan’s character from the movie Grindhouse. I also saw Michael Madsen from Kill Bill. But I missed Robert Downey Jr.

Needless to say, my freak flag is flying high!! My dorkdom is in full swing!! And oh yes, I’ll be back next year.