Greetings from my new home everyone….England! (for those not up on my life, I live here now. Woot) I’ve been here less than a week, but I’ve already had many adventures. I’ve discovered a few things:


I mean, holy crap, they are so good. Concentrated bread and sugar.  Good times.

2. The television is amazing. (for those of you saying “all she’s done is eat and watch tv?” first of all GO FUCK YOURSELF because I’m hanging out with my 8 months pregnant friend and she’s not exactly up for hours of aerobic exercise) Anyway, since I can’t move into my place for another month, I’m relying on the kindness and couches of friends, so I’m just enjoying the company of friends I never get to see anyway. Lots of food and tv and talking and exploring!!! But to be more specific, the best shows are BIG BROTHER 8 because it is trash-licious and you get involved and really invested right away. After one episode I knew all the housemates names and what the drama was. I’ve also ingested the entire 3rd season of Dr. Who, with the brilliant David Tennant as the Doctor. This dude is RSC legit. It’s AWESOME. The episodes are soooo incredible and I’ve been watching them pretty obsessively. I mean, look how cute he is:

It’s the glasses.

In my personal life, I’ve also hiked a dyke (a geographical dyke, for those of you with the minds of children) sampled real British ale, chased after a bus with a pregnant woman in tow, and re-established the feudal system. All in a day’s work.