I won’t dedicate too much time to this, because,  let’s be honest, this isn’t news.

However, apparently the barely-legal star of the Disney smash High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens, was smart enough to take grainy naked pictures of herself, “mistakenly” have them posted on the internet, and then “confess” it was her and that she’s, like totally, so embarassed.

1st of all. Ew. Gross. 18 year olds nowadays are super freaky. 2nd. Cameras come with delete buttons now. Might want to look into that. and 3rd. If the picture is so blurry most people are saying it’s not you, why in God’s name would you go “Actually, that IS me” unless you were super desperate for some really weird (and by that I mean, appealing to your new fanbase, pedophiles) attention and press.

Yikes. Maybe Walt Disney will come out of his cryogenic freeze and give her ass a beating. That I’d like to see.