The other day, I got the SERIOUS jones for a cupcake.

Cupcakes are so great. A nice, all-contained little piece of cake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But I can’t find cupcakes anywhere in Scotland!! Only Haggis! No cupcakes!!

I frantically searched my supermarket. No cupcakes. They had some kind of Brand-X “bake mix” and icing, but that would not do it. I was about to surrender when I found them…my little French Fancies.

I don’t know who this Mr. Kipling is (I’m guessing it’s not Rudyard) but I love his product. They are these amazing little bite size, square cupcakes (like petit fours, but BETTER). They hit the spot. My favorite part is the box itself, as the product is described as “exceedingly good cakes.”

That is so charmingly British. American cakes would be “extreme!” “amazing!” “mind-blowing!” but I love the fact that this confectionary might not be “great” but it humbly admits to being “exceedingly good.”