I’m not going to get to watch the Emmy Awards tonight (because they start at midnight UK time, and I don’t have a TV) so I’m going to have to find out if everyone I want to win did in the morning.

While I’m pretty sure that two shows I don’t care about (The Sopranos and Ugly Betty) will win the top prizes, I thought you should know who I’m cheering for.  But yes, I don’t care about mobsters from Jersey or the pseudo-homely girl with the heart of gold. Sorry.

Best Comedy: In my magical world, it’s The Office or 30 Rock. Shows that are actually funny. If Two and a Half Men wins I’m sure there will be polite applause followed by mass suicide.

Best Drama: Heroes!! Doesn’t stand a chance against Sopranos, but I love mutants more than mobsters. Besides, Sylar had interesting ways of “whacking” people. Tony Soprano never cut anybody’s skull open and sucked powers from their brains, did he? Ha!

Lead Comedy Actor: Steve Carell or Ricky Gervais. You know. I’d take Alec Baldwin too. Just please not Tony Shaloub again. He’s good, but I think he’s done very well for “that dude from Wings.” Enough!

Lead Drama Actor: Hugh Laurie. HE’S AMAZING.

Lead Comedy Actress: Tina Fey (who has shown such marked improvement since the series began) or Mary-Louise Parker (who makes drug dealing look so damn cute)

Lead Drama Actress: Blech. What a boring category. Sorry, it is. BORING. CATEGORY. And it should be the most exciting category. Kyra Sedgwick is cool. She can have it.

Supporting Comedy Actor: I can decide between Rainn Wilson and Neil Patrick Harris. Such torn loyalties between my favorite show and my long-time-gay-crush! Argh!  Maybe they could share it. You know, joint custody.

Supporting Drama Actor: I love Masi Oka, but Michael Emerson is the best thing to happen to LOST in a reaaaallly long time. He’s kind of saved the show. He should get it.

Supporting Comedy Actress: If Jenna Fischer doesn’t win, God will kill a kitten.

Supporting Drama Actress: Chandra Wilson is the best (and often, only) reason to watch Grey’s Anatomy.

There you have it folks. I’m pretty sure none of my choices will win, but I’ll put ’em out there in hopes that maybe, just maybe, there is some showbiz justice in the world. Anyway, I’ll have fun looking at the pictures of it online tomorrow!!