I just need to say that I’m 4 days into a free 30 day trial of photoshop (because I am too cheap to buy the real thing) and it’s awesome. It’s really the best way to preoccupy yourself (and freak out strangers) when you travel. Check out my latest masterpiece:

I mean, OBVIOUSLY it’s not a good job, but I think therein lies the charm. Stay tuned for a few more of those over the remaining 26 days of the trial.

Also, I just wanted to say I don’t “Heart” anything, people, I LOVE stuff. “Heart” is so half-assed and non-commital. It makes you sound like a six year old girl playing with her glittery princess dolls.

The only acception to the rule is, and really you know it means love anyway:

Don’t be scared of the love.