Congrats London! In week one and a half, you have managed to produce a freak-on-a-bus to rival any freak-on-a-bus New York has ever seen!! Maybe the most gloriously freaky freak ever.

I will call him: Raggedy Anndrogynous. Because he seriously looked like the love child of Raggedy Ann and Lou from “Little Britain.”


RA was definitely a dude (complete with bulging Adam’s apple and 5 o’clock shadow, but he was dressed head to toe in pink and purple sweats, and was brushing out his gel-infused, shoulder length, candy apple red curls. I seriously could not take my eyes off of him.

I mean, was he just eccentric? Or should I put out an APB to several asylums to see if they happen to be missing a crazy man? A crazy man with horrendous fashion sense?

My favorite moment with Raggedy Anndrogynous was when he pulled out a pocket pack of tissues, removed them from the original packaging, and began meticulously re-folding them. I glanced at the lady sitting next to me, a young Latina woman, and she too was staring at him and looked flabberghasted. She was as unnerved and stupefied as I. I guess I wasn’t really frightened, more amused. Because I’m sad to say, I think even I (an actual lady) am more manly than Raggedy Anndrogynous.