Ooooh, Look how AWESOME this is!!! It’s so silly I actually love it. I would never buy it, but I’m glad it exsits.

My giant uber nerd fantasy just came true (Ok, maybe not entirely, usually my uber nerd fantasy features Apollo from “Battlestar Galactica” but that’s for another day). Do you know what this IS?! It’s a USB port shaped like the Tardis from Doctor Who!! describes the product as: Four port powered USB 2.0 hub – allows you to connect multiple USB devices to your computer. You can use the TARDIS as a non-powered hub by plugging it into your USB port and not using the power supply it comes with. When powered, and you plug it into the USB port on your computer, the blue light on the top lights up and when you plug anything into the TARDIS itself, it makes the classic ‘dematerialisation’ noise and the light slowly flashes on and off. There is a button on the back to switch the sound off if required!

It’s got the lights! And makes the noise! (Oh I live for the noise!) And it’s (somewhat) useful.  Neat-o.