I just read an article on EW.com about James Cameron’s next big movie “Avatar.” It’s got a budget of $195 Million (more than some countries GNP, but I’m sure everyone feels fine about that) and stars the “unknown” Sam Worthington.

Oh, but I know who Sam Worthington is!! He is not an unknown!

You may remember him as the gruff but ultimately loveable, car-stealing, tap-dancing, date-rapist brother from the classic Australian film “Bootmen.”

What? You haven’t seen “Bootmen”?!?! Well, I’d loan you my copy, but I lost it. But seriously, if you like movies about mill workers who dream of being tap dancers but keep emphasizing their heterosexuality, this is the film for you!! It’s like “Flashdance” for dudes. Without the legwarmers and water-drenching. Oh, wait, there is a scene where they get drenched in water and have to tap all wet. So just not legwarmers.