Benedict Cumberbatch.

Mayhaps the most ludicrous name I have heard in ages. But you know what, when you’re as phenomenal an actor as this guy, you can get away with calling yourself  Slappy Jellohoopla and still earn my ultimate respect.

I saw him last night in “Rhinoceros” at the Royal Court and it completely melted my brain. He really carried the whole piece, and I was actually sad when it was over because I wanted to keep watching where his character was going and what he was going to do. And considering the play was already a little over two hours, that means he was really able to capture my fragile little ADD-riddled mind.

Looking at the program, I realized that I’d seen him before, in the films Atonement (if you haven’t seen it, do go, he’s excellent) and Starter for 10 (where he plays a tightly-wound dickhead) and the fact that I had no idea those two roles were done by the same guy, as well as the fact that he is much better looking in person, was such a pleasant surprise. In fact, a dialogue between my friend Fiona and I after the play went something like this:

J: That was amazing. He was so freaking good.

F: Yes, and he’s quite good looking.

J: Yeah! I hadn’t thought he was particularly handsome on film, but seeing him in real life…

F: The closer you get to him, the better looking he is.

J: Like a reverse Monet.

(Fiona and I are really really profound.) But, yes, the whole point is, this young man is going to be big. So go see him on stage if you can’t. Imdb is name and rent his films if you can’t. Because I’m not sure he’ll be playing supporting creeps and nerds much longer. Benedict Cumberbatch is heading for great things, ludicrous name and all. And he deserves all the praise he gets.