Isn’t that a quote from a song? I think so. I heard it on the television once. Anyway, it’s a true statement. In spite of dating the occaisonal unsuitable man, period pains, and all that jazz, I really do love being a girl. And do you know why?

Because when I’m sad, it’s perfectly acceptable to go shopping!! (Also, Women’s Liberation and the Spice Girls Reunion. But let’s talk shopping.)

I’ve had a seriously crap week, between classes, being shy around the guy that I like, and my crazy insomniac roommate. So to cheer myself up, I went shopping. And a lady came to my rescue.

Her name is Elizabeth Arden.

She’s got our backs, ladies. Because it’s SAMPLE TIME and nothing beats shopping like free shopping (and not going to jail for being a thief!!!)

My bounty was this adorable little mascara whose full title is “Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara.” For those of you who, like me, said “What the hell is Ceramide?” I Googled it and it’s a lipid molecule and was once voted “Molecule of the Week” by! Ooooh, fancy.

It is so freaking cute, in this spiffy little golden tube. Check it out:

But of course, the most important part is how it actually works – seeing as I have a party coming up this Saturday – and I can report that the results are excellent! Big, sexpot, Bambi-style lashes, and none of those weird smudges you can get on the lower lashes (the ones that make you look sleep deprived and/or slightly insane). I’m so pleased by this find!

I asked the nice cosmetics girl (cosmetician?) If I could swipe a few extras for my girlfriends, but since she had so few left, I couldn’t. However, she was nice enough to tell me that there is a little voucher thingy on the website that you can print off and take to the counter and get one for yourself (Borrow mine? You’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands!!). Being a super nice person, I’ll even give you the link to the voucher here:

Ok, so maybe I was trolling the website looking for more goodies for myself. But hey. I posted the link. That was nice of me.

Big super cute eyelashes. For free. FREE, you guys!! Oh hell yes.