Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix author J.K. Rowling has shocked fans of the boy-wizard series by stating that character Albus Dumbledore as gay. The writer revealed the truth of the Hogwarts school headmaster’s sexuality at New York’s Carnegie Hall on Friday as part of her American book tour. When asked by an audience member if Dumbledore had found “true love,” she replied, “Dumbledore is gay,” adding he was in love with his rival Gellert Grindelwald, who he once beat in a battle between good and bad wizards long ago. She says, “Falling in love can blind us to an extent. (Dumbledore was) horribly, terribly let down.”

Oh my God JK Rowling, now you’re just baiting those crazy people who already hate Harry Potter because of the witchcraft thing. (The same people who also cook roadkill cat for dinner and live with the wife/sister).

I mean, ok. JK says her creation Dumbledore is gay. That’s fine. But the Harry Potter thing IS OVER NOW. I love the books. They are amazing. But I kind of feel (and maybe I’m completely wrong) that by dropping this kind of “bombshell” it’s kind of a cheap stunt to keep in the media eye. Now everyone is going to read Dumbledore’s kindess towards Harry and the other students at Hogwarts as something else, when it was really just this beautiful little story of friendship and mentorship!! Argh! I think that was just a bad call.

(On an unrelated note, the “.” (period) key on my computer is acting funny, and I have to really press it hard to get it to work and it’s driving me bananas!)