Oh, Daniel Dae Kim! Why are you so so stupid!?! Didn’t you learn anything from Michelle Rodriguez (Anna, shot point blank in the chest) and Cynthia Watros (Libby, shot multiple times before dying on the operating table)? When you are a cast member of TV’s most love-it-even-if-you’re-totally-confused television show, if you get a DUI in real life, you will be killed on the show shortly thereafter?!

Obviously not.

According to Imdb.com (the online source for all things screen) Kim was arrested on Thursday for driving while under the influence. Details of the arrest aren’t available yet.

Oh man, he is so dead. I wonder how they’ll off him. And Sun’s pregnant!


The producers of LOST (rather brilliantly, I think) seem to have a no-tolerance policy for when their actors behave poorly. I love it. Imagine, when you act like an idiot and put the lives of innocent people on the road in danger, then you get killed off from your hugely successful television show.