Because I sure as hell don’t know. A few cute songs do not a lasting or relevant career make. And I know she isn’t famous because of her voice. Or her brain. Oh, snap. I went there.So what the hell?

She’s famous because Mark Ronson is an absurdly talented music producer, and mixed enough sweet hooks and backbeats on her debut album to make her whiny voice sound bearable. He’s also the man responsible for the stratospheric musical ascent of Amy Winehouse, as well as being a frequent collaborator of Maximo Park, Kasabien, and Robbie Williams. He has built a reputation for being a cool, laid-back, and inspired musician. The Independent ( spoke glowingly of his recent concert at the Roundhouse, saying “Ronson, dressed up in throwback pinstripe, is content for the most part to thrash away at his guitar, playing the ringmaster to his friends and protégés, but never stealing their thunder… Ronson is not just a friend to the famous. He’s a fan, too, just like the rest of us.” He seems like the kind of workmate that you’d want to go out of your way to help. Well, not the eternally-grateful Lily Allen, who without Ronson’s help would probably (still) be living off her mother and father’s celebrity.

Why the hating? Because Lily Allen was scheduled to appear onstage with Ronson at that concert, but decided that last minute she would rather get dressed up, have her picture taken, and dine at Nobu. What a jerk. Seriously. She only had to do one or two songs and then she could have gone to dinner. What makes her think she’s too good to help out the guy who gave her a career in the first place?

Remind me why she’s famous again? It’s obviously not for her class or loyalty.