You guys….big news.

This is gonna be bigger than finding out that old guy was Deep Throat!

Ok. Brace Yourselves. Braced? Cool.

Grey’s Anatomy is TOTALLY the same show as Dawson’s Creek.

(oh my God!)

It’s just like the slightly grown up version. This is not only confirmed by the fact that Joshua Jackson (who played Pacey on the Creek) is going to be doing a guest arc on Grey’s but by the following points I figured out while eating a bowl of spaghetti and drawing my friend’s birthday card with colored pencils.

1. Main female characters (Meredith Grey, Joey Potter) are whiny brats with Daddy issues and strange mouths.

2. Everyone has slept with everyone else. (FACT.)

3. The big “will-they-won’t-they” of the main love interests (Dawson and Joey, Meredith and McDreamy) is dragged out waaaay too long to the point where you don’t care anymore

 4. Everyone speaks as if they are Mensa members on speed.

Ta-daaaah!!! The similarities are too much for me to handle. I might need to go take a nap. And when you think about it, the target audience that is making Grey’s Anatomy such a ratings juggernaut (slightly crazed young women such as myself) are the same people who were watching Dawson’s Creek in high school, years ago.

The only major difference is that Seattle Grace actually has people of color, whereas Racistville Capeside seemed to only be occupied by high-strung white people with major issues.