I know, it’s almost too easy to go after Britney nowadays. She sets herself up to get knocked down more rapidly than the pins at a bowling alley. But I think she loves it. If everyone stopped taking her picture she might explode. So don’t worry, Brit. You’re still on my radar, even as I cross my fingers for your poor kids. I don’t think she’s left the driver’s seat of her car for months, and may only be consuming Starbucks’ frappucino’s for sustenance! Every picture I see of her, she’s behind the wheel of a car, clutching her little whipped coffee with white knuckled passion, that slight glint in her eye that suggesting that at long last, she’s come completely unhinged.Have you seen her photographed anywhere else? Consuming any other type of food or drink? It’s like, if she just drives around all the time, people will follow her and take her picture (true). And the coffee keeps her awake. My main concern is that if she DOESN’T ever changer her location, she’ll probably have a few more hit and run incidents – what’s the running total? Two? I think she’s currently being investigated for two separate hit and runs. Who gave her the driving test? Stevie Wonder? No, even Stevie would know better.