This past weekend, the movie “Dan In Real Life” came in a distant 2nd behind “Saw IV.” Seeing as the movie isn’t out yet here in Britain (damn you Britain!) I can’t really talk about it. But I have this HUGE question for the casting department.

Ok, I love Steve Carell. A fantastic leading everyman. I seriously think that in my lifetime he will win an Academy Award. I would follow him gladly into the fires of comic hell. Awesome.

But apparently the premise of the movie is that regular guy Dan (Carell) falls in love with this lady (Juliette Binoche! Where the fuck have you been?) but apparently she’s dating his brother (Dane Cook.)

WUH WUH WUH WWHHHHAAAAT?!?! (rattles head like Chester Cheetah)

In what kind of fucking universe does Juliette Binoche fall in love with Dane Cook?! Crazytown? Unbelievableville? Retarded Ideaonia?

(I mean, come on, you guys. Do the math.)

That being said, of course I’m still going to watch it. In a movie theatre. With popcorn. I seriously like Steve Carell that much. I also love the fact that playing another one of this absurdly cast family of brothers is Broadway actor Norbert Leo Butz. I love him because he embraces his ludicrous moniker and happens to have quite a lovely singing voice.

Steve…Dane…and Norbert. Obviously. The nuclear family.