If you are not a HUGE DORK this entry probably won’t be of interest to you. Because I need to go over some concerns and questions I have in the casting of two movies, the adaptation of Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” and J.J. Abrams new “Star Trek.”

Let’s do “Star Trek” first.

Captain Kirk  = Chris Pine. Because if you can survive doing Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan, battling deep space creatures is a piece of fuckin’ cake.

Mr. Spock = Zachary Quinto. SYLAR!! Needs to get those eyebrows waxed, but I can see it.

Bones McCoy = Karl Urban. Apparently he was in Lord of the Rings. But then again, who wasn’t? “Damn it Jim! I’m a doctor, not the Steward of Gondor!!” No? Me neither. I looked up his picture. Eh. Not impressed. I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for old DeForest Kelley, God rest his soul!

Scotty = Simon Pegg. This is inspired. Kind of surprising, but inspired, nonetheless.

Sulu = John Cho. Is this movie secretly called “Harold (Without Kumar) Goes to Space“? If so, that would be AWESOME. Also figure out a way to include Neil Patrick Harris, weed, and a cheetah. Sweet!!

Mr. Chekhov (just realized what a great choice that name is) = Anton Yelchin. WHO?

Uhura = Zoe Saldana…who was great in….Center Stage….as the ballerina with attitude. HUH? Are she and Kirk gonna make out? Ooooohhhhh you know it.

Ok, now for “Watchmen” which I just finished reading a few days ago….

Dr. Manhattan/Jon Osterman = Billy Crudup. I guess it makes sense. I’ve only ever seen Crudup play really whiny, self-absorbed characters. But I really don’t want to see him naked and painted blue. Like, ever.

Night Owl = Patrick Wilson. Now I’ve met Patrick Wilson very briefly (I waited on him once at a store) and he’s really nice, but I kind of think he’s too pretty to be Night Owl. And I mean that with love Patrick. You’re super pretty. I thought Night Owl should be more homely. Not so darn cute.

Silk Spectre = Malin Ackerman. WHO? I just imdb’d her…apparently she was some hot chick in….get ready for it… Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle!!! (It all comes back to the NPH)

The Comedian = Jeffrey Dean Morgan. NICE CHOICE I think he looks (or can be easily made to look if he bulks up a bit) just like the images in the book. The only awkward thing is that in real life he used to date Mary-Louise Parker….that’s right…..Billy Crudup’s baby mama. Oh damn. SO AWKWARD.

Rorschach = Jackie Earl Hayely. Ok. I don’t buy it yet, but I’m ready to be surprised. He’s definitely creepy. It could work.

Ozymandias = Matthew Goode. He was hot….I mean, talented, in Match Point. We’ll see. I thought Jude Law would have been perfect. Oh well.