Amy Winehouse is kind of huge here in England. She’s got a great voice! However, she is such a whirlwind of drugged-up troubled-soulness that I fear her descent may be as meteoric as her rise. Also, I lost my scarf last weekend. I think Amy Winehouse’s beehive hairstyle ate it. (oh snap!)

But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about how naive I am. I’m cute and empty-headed, like a little bunny rabbit. Here’s why.

Friend: (points to newspaper) Look at Amy Winehouse’s feet. Urgh.
Jamie: What is it?
Friend: She has blood all over her shoes! It’s soaking through the fabric!
Jamie: Oh, that happens to me when I break in a new pair of shoes.
Friend: (silent incredulous look)
Jamie: What? It happens. New shoes hurt!
Friend: You bleed that much in your toes?
Jamie: No, more in my heels. Why?
Friend: She’s bleeding in her toes because that’s what happens when you shoot heroin in between your toes!! She’s on drugs, you idiot.
Jamie: Oh.
(prolonged silence)
Jamie: It took me ages to break in my high heels.
(Friend shakes head in dismay)

You get the idea. Bloody toes!! What a waste of perfectly good shoes!!