I’m not in the WGA (yet) but I support their strike 100%, even if it means my favorite TV shows (ok, there are only three I like, The Office, Heroes, and Lost) may be off the air until next season. Even if many films won’t get the green light to be made and will languish in dusty piles on desks. I feel terrible that some writers and their families will have to tighten their purse-strings over the holidays. But what is happening is important, especially in the continuing boom of the digital media age. The strike isn’t for the absurdly wealthy writers, it’s for those who have maybe sold only one or two small things, and are still waiting for that big chance. Those are the ones who really depend on the money from residuals. It’s for up and coming writers such as myself, who have yet to sell anything, and will need that financial help during less prosperous times.

If you aren’t sick to death of hearing about it, www.unitedhollywood.com is a great and informative website.

Maybe I have Sally Field-style delusions of grandeur, where I’m standing in a big factory with a cardboard sign that says STRIKE over my head (I accidentally just typed STROKE which would have admittedly been a much funnier sign).

Also, just FYI, so many others are taking the hit due to the douchebaginess of major corporations such as NBC, whom I used to love. The entire crew of The Office has already been sacked in an attempt to force the writers to bend, and the same has been threatened to Jay Leno and The Tonight Show if they don’t cross (which he won’t. Leno is bad ass like that.)

Sign the petition. Because until we do, our entertainment options are going to begin to dwindle, and then we’ll be stuck with more Date My Dad and less…..well I already named the three good shows.