As much as I hate to acknowledge the existence of Fabio, I’m so flabberghasted by this “news” I had to talk about it.

Apparently Fabio and George Clooney are now arch-enemies!

Sayeth – Actor Fabio has branded George Clooney “a low-class scumbag” after allegedly insulting female diners at a Hollywood restaurant. The romance icon stunned diners at the swanky Madeo eaterie when he exchanged fighting words with Clooney on November 2. But Fabio insists he was defending guests at his charity function and was forced to take action when a female dining companion complained Clooney called her “a fat cow.” He says, “(George) was drunk and thought people were taking pictures of him. So I went to the table and explained to him that we were having a charity dinner and I said, ‘You’re more than welcome to come to my table and see if there was a picture of you.’ I apologized and he started being rude so I put him in his place. After I put him in his place – you know I’m three times his size – he got a little scared. I went back to my table and as soon as I sit down he paid his bill, got up and he started insulting the girls. He called the women names. At that point I lost my temper. I went after him and he ran out of the restaurant.”

Obviously we should all believe the….I’m sorry, what is it you do exactly Fabio?  Fake-butter salesman? Romance-cover freakshow? Remind me of the next time you use your “celebrity” for charity work like he does. Oh, I’m sorry. Am I keeping you from your press? From the adoring fans? Don’t you have to get back to the theme park? Promote that new roller-coaster? Let innocent birds explode from the high impact of your rather unpleasant face? (If you don’t get what I’m talking about, Google “Fabio rollercoaster bird death” for the laugh of your life)

So yeah, Fabio. Go crawl back into obscurity please.