December 2007

Vroom Vroom!!! Taking a break from my Christmas Doctor Who time, I’ve been shown two really awesome trailers online, both of which are for upcoming things (one TV, one movie) that have to do with cars! And I’m so pumped by them, I’ve decided to spread the word!

1st, the trailer for the Speed Racer movie, done by the guys who did The Matrix. It looks FUN. Like, “ooh my videogame came to life and brought a bumpin’ club into my living room” type fun. And Matthew Fox as RACER X (doing, as my brother accurately put it, “his best Jack Nicholson voice”) is briiiiiillliant!!! I can’t wait. Also, the fact that the guy threatening Speed (he says he won’t finish the race!) is named Roger Allam and he’s kind of a huge deal in the British theatre world. Way to go Roger Allam!!!

2nd, the trailer for the new Knight Rider TV movie, which if it works, will be made into a series (that will hopefully not suck like Bionic Woman apparently did). The big deal here of course is NOT the probable cameo of The Hoff (that’s Mr. David Hasselhoff, or rehab patient # 35965 to you) but the fact that someone at NBC was actually smart enough to get Will Arnett for the voice of KITT!! I freakin’ love Will Arnett! So I hope it’s successful, because it could be SO GREAT if it were done well. It could be a huge revival, like say, that of Doctor Who. I need to get back to my Doctor Who now. I’m starting to shake without it.

Happy Viewing.


The uncle of the Abercrombie & Date Rapist looking kid who knocked up Britney’sĀ little sister issued the following hilarious statement to People magazine. “I’d like to tell Casey that he may not like it, but it’s time for him to put on the man shoes,” Odus Jackson tells PEOPLE in an interview from his office at the Galilee Baptist Church in Gloster, Miss.

First of all, Odus (may I call you Odus? That is a brilliant name, sir, you couldn’t ask for a better backwoods stereotype) I couldn’t agree with you more! When you knock up a teenage celebrity, there will most definitely be music to face (as long as it’s not her older sister’s music! HA! I made a funny….). But what, pray tell, are “man shoes?”

Does wearing them make you a man?

If a lady wears man shoes will be be transformed into a man, like Darryl Hannah was tranformed into a mermaid when she touched water in Splash?

Do they look like this?

I need to know what man shoes are right away. Because, if they’re as good as they sound, the men in my life might need some, and there are only three shopping days left before Christmas!

Lily and Jamie

What is so wrong with condoms?

So sad you’re breeding

Maybe it’s because I’ve had kind of a tough week. Maybe it’s listening to too much Aimee Mann. Maybe it’s even the holidays….but I’ve got a lot of scattered thoughts in my head right now. Here’s a random sampling:

1. Do world leaders ever get uncontrollable giggles during really important conferences? I ask this because last week during a rehearsal, in the middle of a very intense scene, this actor Mike (who actually has the loveliest speaking voice I’ve ever heard) just ripped a giant fart. Everyone laughed, but then I couldn’t stop! It was HUGELY unprofessional, but I seriously couldn’t hold myself together – I had to leave the room! It made me wonder if world leaders just ever lost their shit with laughter during, you know, peace negotiations or something. Get back to me on that one, world leaders.

2. I’ve already come up with names for the two kittens I really want to get (but can’t afford, and can’t keep in my current apartment). They shall be called Pimms and Shandy, which are two very British boozes. I just like it, I think they’re funny names without being too weird. Of course, my vet will think that I’m a raging alkie, but whatevs! Now that I’ve said this, don’t go stealing my idea, world.

3. If you were starting a relationship with someone, but just kind of KNEW you were going to get hurt in the end, would you still do it? That’s a really HUGELY broad question, but I’m not entirely sure I buy the whole “better to have loved and lost” line of thinking. I dunno. Nice to see I’m already dead inside at the age of 25. Maybe not entirely dead…I still want to go see “Enchanted”!! Yay!! Princesses!!!

Sorry, guys. I’m too tired for creative writing today. But here is another funny video that makes me laugh.

My friend Sally was awesome enough to invite me to a comedy night in London last week, where I saw several acts. They included a non-funny lady whose main gag was basically “How crazy to be Jewish!” followed by a young man with a painfully obvious heroin addiction. Not a great start. There were occaisionally funny lobs, but all these performers were blown out of the water by the headliner act, Ed Byrne.

He’s pretty amazing. This charming little Irish dude with really razor-sharp wit and a nice self-deprecating humor. I’m tacking on a video of him (from YouTube, where there is more if you like it) of a younger Ed talking about LL Cool J.