Maybe it’s because I’ve had kind of a tough week. Maybe it’s listening to too much Aimee Mann. Maybe it’s even the holidays….but I’ve got a lot of scattered thoughts in my head right now. Here’s a random sampling:

1. Do world leaders ever get uncontrollable giggles during really important conferences? I ask this because last week during a rehearsal, in the middle of a very intense scene, this actor Mike (who actually has the loveliest speaking voice I’ve ever heard) just ripped a giant fart. Everyone laughed, but then I couldn’t stop! It was HUGELY unprofessional, but I seriously couldn’t hold myself together – I had to leave the room! It made me wonder if world leaders just ever lost their shit with laughter during, you know, peace negotiations or something. Get back to me on that one, world leaders.

2. I’ve already come up with names for the two kittens I really want to get (but can’t afford, and can’t keep in my current apartment). They shall be called Pimms and Shandy, which are two very British boozes. I just like it, I think they’re funny names without being too weird. Of course, my vet will think that I’m a raging alkie, but whatevs! Now that I’ve said this, don’t go stealing my idea, world.

3. If you were starting a relationship with someone, but just kind of KNEW you were going to get hurt in the end, would you still do it? That’s a really HUGELY broad question, but I’m not entirely sure I buy the whole “better to have loved and lost” line of thinking. I dunno. Nice to see I’m already dead inside at the age of 25. Maybe not entirely dead…I still want to go see “Enchanted”!! Yay!! Princesses!!!