Vroom Vroom!!! Taking a break from my Christmas Doctor Who time, I’ve been shown two really awesome trailers online, both of which are for upcoming things (one TV, one movie) that have to do with cars! And I’m so pumped by them, I’ve decided to spread the word!

1st, the trailer for the Speed Racer movie, done by the guys who did The Matrix. It looks FUN. Like, “ooh my videogame came to life and brought a bumpin’ club into my living room” type fun. And Matthew Fox as RACER X (doing, as my brother accurately put it, “his best Jack Nicholson voice”) is briiiiiillliant!!! I can’t wait. Also, the fact that the guy threatening Speed (he says he won’t finish the race!) is named Roger Allam and he’s kind of a huge deal in the British theatre world. Way to go Roger Allam!!!

2nd, the trailer for the new Knight Rider TV movie, which if it works, will be made into a series (that will hopefully not suck like Bionic Woman apparently did). The big deal here of course is NOT the probable cameo of The Hoff (that’s Mr. David Hasselhoff, or rehab patient # 35965 to you) but the fact that someone at NBC was actually smart enough to get Will Arnett for the voice of KITT!! I freakin’ love Will Arnett! So I hope it’s successful, because it could be SO GREAT if it were done well. It could be a huge revival, like say, that of Doctor Who. I need to get back to my Doctor Who now. I’m starting to shake without it.

Happy Viewing.