1st great awkward moment of 2008.

Getting my hair cut. At Supercuts (MY Supercuts on 2nd Ave in NYC). I love it because you never see the same person twice. A revolving door of somewhat ghetto hairdressers, and I love it.

So she’s getting ready to start cutting and I ask if I can just grab one of the dirty gossip rags to read while she does. I pick up, of course, the issue of OK! with Jamie Lynn Spears being all pregnant and 16 on the front cover. I show it to the stylist and say “Can you believe this?”

“I had my first at 16.” She replied. “And now she’s 10.” (Oh good, she’s my age AND I’ve just insulted her. Classy.)

“She’s going to be just fine!” I blurted out. “She’s got so much money!” FUCK. Good one, Jamie. Real nice.

Needless to say, she was very forgiving and I left with a nice haircut and not the horrible mullet I was bracing for her to give me. Whew.

2008. Let the awkwardness commence!!

PS. It’s not worth a separate entry but I am jet-lagged as fuck. I either sleep all day or don’t sleep at all. This is NOT GOOD.