Apparently, Hillary Clinton’s very tight victory in the New Hampshire primary last night was due to the votes from women.


I’m an independant voter. And like my fellow lady-kind, I’m eager to put a woman into the White House! Trust me! But NOT this woman!! Not who makes this frightening face!! (I’m surprised lightning isn’t shooting out of her index finger, like Emperor Palpatine)

Not a woman who CRIES on NATIONAL TELEVISION when she falls behind in the polls! Because you know the minute her numbers got better, she smiled and wiped those fake tears away! I do not trust her! She will step on anyone and manipulate anything to get what she wants! (And NO those are not good qualities of a leader, much more a president!) Please women (and men) stop this nonsense! I would rather see my sneaker elected. But since “Sneaky” as I love to call it, has some dirt and serious skeletons in its closet (namely, a liasion with a very shapely high heel) perhaps we could just stop being crazy and throw our support behind Mr. Barack Obama. (Yay Barack!)