…every second of the night – I live another life!!” – Heart

I have been having the most batshit crazy dreams recently. Part of me thinks its jetlag, part of me thinks its school and personal stuff, and my toes are convinced I’ve just gone off the deep end. But here’s what’s been happening:

Two nights ago: I dreamt that Katherine Heigl (from Knocked Up) and I were BFF! We were sitting in some really nicely decorated room (probably hers) and talking about how great it was that she’d finally become this big star, and then I congratulated her on getting married and we had this really in-depth talk about how you know when someone is right for you and love and all that. Which from my armchair psychologist’s point of view, means I probably am desperate to talk through my own relationship issues, but because I feel like I’m imposing on people when I do that (because it’s BORING) I have to delve into my subconscious and have chats with famous people I don’t know.


Wow, I’m so so so very sad.

Anyways, LAST night’s dream was even more absurd: You’d think once really out-there stuff is going on, something in your brain would say “Hold on a minute!” but mine didn’t! So I was back at college, graduating YET AGAIN and listening to the worst graduation speaker ever! He was just some you Asian guy, going “Uhm, well, yeah, but GO TEAM!” and then I walked up to the podium to get my diploma and my HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL (which really should have made me wake up) said, and I quote “Before you go collect your diploma, if you have a bag of kittens, please put it over here and you can collect it on your way back.”


But my brain, instead of saying “Why the fuck would I bring a bag of kittens to my graduation ceremony?” was wistfully thinking “I would like to have a bag of kittens, and I am so envious of those who do.”

I need to start taking sleeping pills again or something. This is getting out of control.