On the corkboard above my desk is a picture of me and my friend Jules at a Halloween party, our senior year in college.

(Side Note: The Halloween party was hosted at my house and it was undoubtedly the most bitchingly awesome party of all time. There was copious booze and I even made my signature Halloween snack – “Ghosts in the Graveyard” – secret ingridents include Oreos and love)

In the pic, Jules looks super sexy, (but not in the slutty/desperate Halloween way), very pretty and with furry little cat ears over her slinky outfit. I, being a huge dork, dressed as Ted Allen (the foodie) from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” which meant  my costume involved slicking back my hair, putting on a cool apron, and wearing…..my glasses.

I miss those glasses so much. I have a cool pair now, but my old pair was freaking perfect. A seemingly timeless blend of cute/intellectual/nerd. I wore those glasses for years, until they pretty much disintegrated in my hands.

Also, I saw Ted Allen once in Chelsea (insert stereotype here) and was so tempted to tell him that he was my costume on the best Halloween ever, but I feel that is not the way into anyone’s heart.

PS. I would be lying if I said I WASN’T  excited to see Step Up 2 The Streets. Get. To. Steppin’.