LONDON, England (CNN) — An earthquake shook Britain early Wednesday, causing damage to buildings and leaving at least one person injured.


This image provided by the British Geological Survey shows the seismogram registering the earthquake at Market Rasen, England on Wednesday.

 The British Geological Survey put the preliminary magnitude for the earthquake at 5.3, according to the British Press Association.
SO YEAH!! Let’s hear it for my 2nd Earthquake!! Wooohoooo!!!
(1st small Earthquake happened during college. Was not in “right state of mind” to understand why room was shaking at the time)
It happened around 1am last night. I was Skyping (Seriously guys. I love Skype. It’s great.) with my best friend and had just had a really good long conversation about our lives. It was very much an “I love you man” kind of moment. We said goodnight and I crawled into bed to start editing some work.
Then my bed started shaking.
And instead of being logical, I thought “What the hell is going on downstairs?”
Then my bed shook some more and I came to my senses.
It seriously only lasted a few seconds, but there was some good quality shaking going on. And surprisingly, I wasn’t scared. Because the building I currently live in is like Alcatraz and I have no doubts as to its structural integrity. Then I edited some more and went to sleep.