Remember at the end of my last entry when I said I had other stuff to do?

Well apparently, one of them was “get put on academic probation.”

You may be saying “C’est impossible!” (Well, my one French friend might) but the rest of you might wonder “She’s always been a nerdishly good student! How is this possible?” I haven’t turned into a drunk or anything. I still stay up late editing my work so that “It’s extra super bubbleiciously good.” I mean, on a Saturday afternoon, when I’m not blogging (right now) I’m editing my first full legnth play. Oooh my roomie just dropped off some glossy mags. Maybe I’ll read those too, but you get the idea. I work my butt off.

To make a long story short, a person with control over my grades and I don’t see eye to eye on….anything, and a personal problem suddenly took itself out on my evaluation. (As much as I would love to call her out by name, in the age of Google, that’s not cool, because things come back to bite you in the ass. And because I don’t want to waste any more column inches on her.) Everything will be fine though, as my REAL teacher is going to bat for me and having the grade bumped up to passing. And I’m ok. Seriously. Because I know my work is good and is not of a failure quality.

I just thought I’d share.

Here’s a picture of Mayor McCheese to cheer everyone up.