By now, we’ve all heard the sad news that Dirty Dancing’s Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The survival rate for those diagnosed is less than %5 live more than five years after diagnosis.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him. In order to honor his still ass-kicking life, I thought I’d post this AWESOME photo from his other classic film Road House.

I mean, look at that. He’s so handsome. And it’s a last call…..for action!! Fierce! Go get ’em Patrick!!!

In other news, I’ve finished¬†writing a full legnth play, which is enormously pleasing. Went to see my friends doing their end-of-term performances last night and they were overall quite good, which is nice, because I’m bad at the whole “lying to their faces” thing. So that’s nice. There was some really fucking clever stuff going on.

I also need to change my hair. I really really want to go short and/or blonde like Pink:

However, as I am not a rock-bodied pop star, and am instead a gawky and awkard writer, I’m thinking this is not a good idea. Besides, what looks so cool on her will probably just look kind of dykey on me. And I mean that with love to all my lesbians out there. You ladies can rock the short hair so much better than I can. And that makes me jealous. Because as much as I’d love the “wash-and-go” simplicity of a short haircut, with my unruly curls I’d probably come out of the salon looking like this:

Oh well.