Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

(I am not suicidal. Let me explain.)

I’m having a really bad week. It’s one of those weeks where you feel like your life is just like leaping from one giant mistake to another, with no relief in sight. I’m trying to move. I’ve found a great flat, and though the deposit is a bit steep (two months rent!) the overall rent is much cheaper than my current place, and it’s so much closer to the tube and school!

So what’s the problem? Getting rid of my old place. Because I’m still tied here until I find another person to take my place, and that is proving quite difficult. I can’t pay two rents, and the stress of that situation has left me with an alternating dull ache/sharp jolt of pain in my head. For a few brief minutes today, I wondered what I could possibly do to make this situation go away. Death came up briefly, but was quickly dismissed. I enjoy living, even if life has been sucking pretty hard for quite some time now. Run away? No where to go. Fake accident and collect insurance? Fuck! I don’t even have insurance!

So to celebrate this glorious day of St. Patrick (and to take my mind off my self-absorbed little problems) I decided to do two things:

1.) Do something nice for other people and stop being a self-absorbed jackass. So I signed up for London’s Race for Life in June. It’s a 5K to raise money for Cancer Research. I’m really freaking excited. I’ll probably bombard this site with stuff about it later, but for the time being, http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/jamiecwylie

2.) Enjoy REAL Irish culture! No I didn’t dye my hair green, chug a Guinness, or eat anything potato-related. These are silly stereotypes! No friends, today I was classy.

I watched Once the movie about the lovesick Irish busker and his Czech immigrant unrequited love. It was cute. Not mind-blowing or anything, but very sweet and real. Great performance from the leads, who apparently hooked up off-screen as well. (Result!) Anyways, the music is good, so good in fact, that they won an Oscar for it! (Yes, they are so talented, they are good actors and quality musicians as well!)

How nice. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl make low-budget indie gem. Boy gets girl. Boy and girl get Oscar.

Then I watched the true jewel in the crown of Irish culture. Father Ted. It’s like Frasier but about a priest and set in Ireland. Seriously. It’s just adorable and has some great slapsticky moments. I’ve only seen about five episodes now, but I’m such a fan. The only sad bit is that Dermot Morgan, who played Father Ted, died after they wrapped series 3! But seriously, check it out if you can. It’s awesome.


(Father Ted is 2nd from the right). But wait!! There’s something even COOLER! The guy on the far right, Ardal O’Hanlon, who played dopey but loveable Dougal was ALSO in one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who playing Brannigan, the Man-Cat!!